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The Top RV Towing Tips


Towing an RV is much different than a regular vehicle.

Towing an RV, whether you’re a professional or it’s the first time, is intimidating. Like any new experience that involves risks to body and property, there’s a certain fear factor that comes with attaching a trailer hitch to tow ball. But such anxiety disappears after one understands the basics of towing and gains a little experience. The key is to focus on how your tow vehicle and trailer react as a collective unit and making changes in your driving style and habits accordingly. Here are some tips for towing your RV.

Backing Up

Backing up in an automobile is easy because they are usually smaller than RV’s and you can look over your shoulder quickly and see where you are going. However, this is not correct with towing an RV. Towing an RV requires practice to become proficient at backing up an RV. For starters, you should always try to avoid backing from your right side- this is your blindside. It is much easier to back from your left. The best method for backing is to have a spotter to help guide you. Ideally, you should be able to communicate using hand signals or radios easily. The spotter needs to position him or her -self where they are visible in your mirror. As a result, the spotter may need to move as you turn the RV and back up. Most importantly, you should always have the ability to see one another’s faces during the backing maneuver. That way, if something doesn’t look right, you can stop, get out and look. If you need to back up without assistance, walk the area first. It is imperative that you establish predetermined stop points, and then stop, get out and check the positioning when you reach that predetermined point initially set. Repeat this process as many times as necessary. Before you start backing up, tap your horn to warn people around you. Always be on the lookout for small children and pets, for their safety.

Roof Damage

In a car, there is no need to be concerned with tree branches or other overhead obstacles. In fact, there is no reason to think about any potential sideswiping with the roof or hitting a mirror on a bridge. Always keep in mind when towing an RV that they are taller than an automobile. When you add mirrors and awnings, it’s even wider, and with items like roof mounted air conditioners and antennas, it’s taller too. When you arrive at the campground, you need to get out and look before attempting to park the unit on the site. Tree branches and other overhead obstacles can easily damage the roof and sides of the RV.


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