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Commercial Towing

Commercial towing is different than lighter and easier towing for a simple reason—many times, commercial vehicles are the core of a company’s business and without them the business can’t operate. At Montrose Towing we know how difficult it is to reschedule clients, worry about vehicles that are out of commission, and lose business because one of your company vehicles is in need of a trip to the repair shop. That’s why we have 24 hour towing service available for your commercial vehicles in Montgomery County.

Tools for the Job

Easy non-commercial towing jobs of small passenger cars or trucks don’t require heavy-duty tow trucks and professional towing expertise. Commercial towing does. Whether your business involves heavy plumbing equipment weighing down your commercial van or bricks and lumber stacked in the back of a truck, you need towing vehicles that can handle whatever load you have whenever your commercial vehicle breaks down. Beyond having the proper auto towing equipment, you need a towing service that has the expertise to transport a vehicle containing expensive equipment without damaging anything on the inside or outside of the vehicle. Montrose Towing uses flat bed trucks to get your commercial vehicles safely to the repair shop.

Get Where Your Commercial Vehicle Needs to Go

While simpler and small passenger car towing jobs are still serious and stressful, most cars only need to be hauled to a local auto body shop or car dealership. Commercial vehicles are not always that easy. Many times, commercial vehicles need to be transported longer distances to specialized auto body or repair shops. Commercial towing companies are prepared to get your vehicle where it needs to go without lots of extra wear and tear on your business, your car, or you. By choosing a qualified commercial towing company, you can get the backbone of your business where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

Qualified Commercial Towing

Every towing company needs to be properly registered and certified with whatever state they are operating in. Even more, every towing company needs to have insurance to protect against damage to any vehicles during transport. Auto towing services that typically work with small cars and trucks are not properly insured to handle your commercial towing needs. Montrose Towing has the insurance needed to cover your commercial vehicle in the event that something happens during the towing process.


Our commercial towing service will help your business out around the clock, with auto towing available all over Montgomery County, including: Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Wheaton, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Glenmont, and Takoma Park.


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