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How to Contract a Towing Service Company

Contracting a towing service company can be confusing and stressful if you don’t know where to start. There are countless auto towing companies, so what types of things should you consider when hiring a towing service company? How can you ensure that you end up with a perfect fit for your city or commercial business?

Do Your Research

Before you consider contracting a towing service company, make sure that they have the proper state and local licensing to operate in your area. Every state has different licensing requirements and different associated fees. After you check for proper licensing, ensure that your potential towing service company has up to date liability insurance. This protects both you and the towing company from any potential costs associated with damage to vehicles while they are being towed. Next, check that the towing service company has all of the required permits for your area, which may include incident management or IM permits, private property or PP permits, and/or consent to tow or CT permits.

Make Sure They’re Up to the Task

Every towing company is different; so make sure that any prospective contract towing service company has the right tools for the job. Do you need primarily flat bed towing? Don’t hire a company that only does hook and chain towing. Does your business need private vehicle delivery or long distance towing? Don’t waste your time talking with other towing companies that don’t have the equipment and skills you’re looking for. Do your employees use company vehicles at all hours of the night or on holidays? You need a reliable 24 hour towing service, not one with strict business hours.

Price Check

Finally, before you contract a towing service company, make sure you know how much they charge and what types of payment they accept. Towing service rates are important to consider in advance (in addition to all of the other things you’re thinking about!). When it comes to fast towing service in Montgomery County, Montrose Towing has the competition beat! By researching your contract towing service company in advance, you can ensure that you have reliable 24 hour towing service for your company every day.

Look No Further

Looking for a new towing service company with the expertise, fast towing service, and low towing service rates your municipality or business needs? Montrose Towing is the perfect fit for all of your needs. Contact us for more information on contracting us for all of your towing service needs.

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