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Choosing The Perfect Tow Truck For Your Business


Towing a truck requires the necessary equipment!

What industry do you work in? Chances are if you are in the towing industry, transport industry, vehicle recovery industry, or road service industry, you need a tow truck that can handle anything you need to transport. Freightliner tow trucks are excellent for suiting a variety of industries and client needs. Here are three of the most common types of business tow trucks. Which one is perfect for you?

M2 106

The M2 106 model tow truck provides the driver with 200-350 horsepower, up to 1,150 lb./ft. of torque, and a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 56,000 pounds. The M2 106 can be configured with many different exhaust packages to match exactly what your requirements are. Depending on the industry your business is in, the M2 106 also offers three different cab styles including a 106” BBC Day Cab, 132” BBC Extended Cab, and 154” BBC Crew Cab. The M2 106 can also be outfitted with clear frame rails and a SmartPlex electrical system designed to make upfit a breeze. The M2 106 is a reliable model that many industries love to use.


This tow truck model, the 114SD, packs lots of power in a moderately sized package. The 114SD has more power than the M2 106 with 260-505 horsepower, up to 1,850 lb./ft. of torque, and a gross vehicle weight rating of 92,000 lb. This tow truck model comes standard with a robust Detroit DD13 engine, optimized mid-chassis packaging, and a carefully chosen and mounted after treatment system. You can choose from two different front axle configurations, including a 31” set-forward axle and 48” set-back axle. Just like the M2 105, the 114SD has three different tow truck cab configurations including day cab, extended cab, and crew cab with a set-back axle.


Just like the name would indicate, the 122SD two truck model is the biggest and baddest of them all. This tow truck comes packed with 350-600 horsepower, up to 2,050 lb./ft. of torque, a gross vehicle weight rating of 92,000 lb., and a maximum GCW of a whopping 210,000 lb. The 122SD is designed for the biggest and toughest jobs that you get, in every type of weather imaginable. It also comes with a 1,700 square inch radiator. You can choose from different cab configurations that include a day cab, mid-roof cab, mid-roof XT cab, and raised roof cab.

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