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Flat Bed Towing

Some vehicles like a little extra tender loving care and others require it, which is why flat bad towing service is a must for most people and businesses. Flat bed towing provides extra security and peace of mind that your car will not suffer any wear or tear on the way to its destination. Flat bed towing is a particularly great option for fleet towing, as it will do even more to protect your livelihood on the way to the repair shop.

What’s the Difference?

Most tow truck companies provide dolly trucks for car and fleet towing. While dolly trucks will certainly get the job done, they work best for smaller cars in need of a quick tow job. Dolly trucks are less expensive than flat bed trucks, as the car is never fully loaded onto the body of the truck itself. In flat bed towing, your car or truck is completely placed onto the flat bed so it is not touching the road. The savings on behalf of the towing company are not passed onto the consumer when it comes to fleet towing, as wear and tear gets passed on to your truck instead of the tow truck. Every time the dolly truck hits a pothole or slams on the brakes a little too hard, your truck is getting jostled much more than it would on a flat bed truck.

Flat Bed Towing Can Handle the Weight

Flat bed towing is excellent for fleet towing, as flat bed trucks can handle much more weight than dolly trucks. Flat bed tow trucks evenly distribute the weight of your car or truck, while securing it so that it doesn’t feel every bump or jolt in the road. Every dolly truck has a different weight limit based on where and when it was made, so every tow truck company may have slightly different restrictions on what they can tow. When you choose a flat bed truck for your towing needs, you don’t have to worry about a weight limit.

In It For the Long Haul

Flat bed towing is especially ideal for long distance fleet towing, as the longer your truck is on the road, the more damage it can incur being towed by a dolly truck. Montrose Towing offers competitive towing service rates for long distance towing on the East coast, so contact us today to get your fleet safely to its destination. Think of all of the bumps you travel over just during a simple drive in Montgomery county—your fleet will be going over miles and miles of those, so opt for flat bed towing for a greater peace of mind.

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