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The Top Towing Misconceptions Revealed


Debunking some of the more common towing myths!

There are many misconceptions when it comes to towing safety. If this topic is new to you, there are many things on the internet and other places that may lead you to believe things that aren’t true. Here are some top towing misconceptions, debunked.

Defining The Terms

There are quite a few acronyms used in towing-some people will either confuse some of them or think they are interchangeable but they each have a unique meaning, let’s address a few of the ones that are most commonly misunderstood.

GCWR- Gross Combination Weight Rating is the maximum weight possible of the trailer and tow vehicle combined that should not be exceeded.

GVWR- Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum weight limit for a specific vehicle that should not be exceeded.

Curb Weight- The actual weight of a trailer or vehicle including any standard equipment, full tanks, and all other fluids.

Tongue Weight- The downward weight that the tongue of the trailer applies to the hitch of the vehicle.

Myth: Increasing A Truck’s Towing Capacity By Upgrading A Trailer Hitch

Upgrading your trailer hitch can maximize your towing capability but it doesn’t override the settings set by your manufacturer. Every manufacturer has a maximum capacity limit and even a new trailer hitch cannot override that.

Myth: Estimating Tongue Weight Is Safe

As we discussed earlier, tongue weight is the weight the tongue or back end applies to the hitch. Avoiding exceeded tongue weight can ensure that your load is evenly distributed across all the axels and can keep you from costly mistakes that guessing causes.

Myth: Trailer Bearings Need No Maintenance

Trailer bearings are located within the trailer’s wheel assembly and often need proper maintenance. This is an important part of keeping your trailer riding smoothly and well lubricated. Trailer bearing should be routinely cleaned, inspected, and repacked with fresh grease annually.

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