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Finding The Best Truck To Tow Your Horse Trailer


Finding the perfect tow truck is important!

Towing services aren’t just needed when you have a flat tire or got into a car accident, they also serve a wide variety of practical purposes, like towing horse trailers! The right tow truck for the job can be tricky to find since it is such a specific task, but we’ve gathered some of our best tips for choosing the right truck to tow your horse trailer.  

Find Your Tow Truck Capacity

If you already have a truck that you are using (or if you are looking for a new truck to provide towing services to your horse trailer), you should first look at the owner’s manual. There are three values that you should pay attention to when choosing one to tow your horse trailer:

  • GVWR (gross weight vehicle rating): The maximum loaded weight of your vehicle including the weight of the trailer tongue
  • GCVWR (gross combined vehicle weight rating): The maximum loaded weight of your tow vehicle and trailer combined
  • GAWR (gross axle weight rating): The maximum your truck’s axles can carry

All three of these values are important to consider when choosing the right vehicle to tow your horse trailer. If you exceed any of the three limits, you will put excess stress on your truck’s engine, brakes, axle, hitch, and handling. You will be putting yourself and your horse in major danger.

Figure Out The Tongue Weight

Your trailer’s tongue weight is the best way to determine whether or not you are overloading your tow vehicle. Check the tongue weight of your bumper pull trailer and make sure that your tow truck can handle that amount. If the manual or website doesn’t say what the tongue weight of your horse trailer is, be prepared to weight it yourself.

The 20% Rule

The 20% rule is a common method of determining whether or not a truck can perform towing services. The rule is that you should purchase a truck that can handle up to 20% more weight than the amount you need it to carry. The rule dictates this since horses have a higher center of gravity and stress the vehicle differently. However, this adage simply isn’t true. The amount that the manufacturer says a vehicle can hold is the actual amount—there’s no need to outsmart the manufacturer!

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