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Top Tips For Towing Safely

Commercial Tow Truck

Knowing everything there is about tow trucks is important.

When it comes to towing there are any number of factors that can play a part. From time of day to location, to weather it is important to keep in mind safety of yourself, the other driver and the surrounding area when towing. Whether it’s commercial towing, car removal or roadside assistance it’s important to keep these safety tips in mind.

Understanding The Dollies

Proper use of dollies is one of the best assets to safe towing. Make sure you understand entirely how to strap or chain the cars to the dollies correctly. Especially in the case of highway assistance, getting a car secured before going freeway speeds is absolutely essential. Check your dollies frequently for any kind of flaw that might keep them from functioning appropriately. Remember to drive safely with a car strapped to the back of the dolly; even if perfectly secured, the dolly has no suspension and at too high of speeds and car could potentially come off. The safety of not only yourself but the public around you makes this one of the most important rules.

Consider Your Surroundings

Towing in poor weather can be a challenge and it is always important to mindful of safe driving techniques when it comes to weather. Remember to pay close attention to your mirrors when changing lanes to put everything in the right perspective, especially during times of heavy traffic.  Be mindful of state and jurisdiction laws for tows as well. Do the vehicle’s backlights need to be on? Are the backlights of the tow truck working? Keeping these things in mind can help prevent accidents.

Truck Maintenance

Remember that maintenance on your truck can also make a big difference in the success and safety of your tow. Checking your brakes regularly and how they react to different weight can be beneficial and reveal issues you didn’t know were there before. Checking your radiator and making sure you have the right type of coolant give your truck better performance for the safety and care of others.

Stay Safe With Montrose Towing

With 24 hour towing service and roadside assistance for you and your business, Montrose Towing can’t be beat. Whether you’re stuck in a parking lot or stuck on the highway at 3am, we have fast towing and premier roadside assistance services available to you to get back on the road as soon as possible. To explore more our about business please give us a call at 301-468-1104 or visit us online.

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