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Should You Consider Heavy Hauling for Your Business?

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Finding the right towing company just got a whole lot easier!

Chances are  if you’re a towing company, you already have most of the materials and laborers to include heavy hauling in your list of services. It is even becoming a government requirement for these towing companies to have lowboy and drop-deck trailers in their inventory, as an emergency catch all in the case of highway clearance needs. However, many towing companies haven’t extended this part of their business due to the tedium and bureaucracy of maintaining permits. If only there was a way to get around this process, it would certainly increase business contracts and ultimately profits, right?

Have You Thought of Outsourcing?

In 2017, hardly any company handles everything in the house. We don’t do our own taxes; we send them to an accountant. We don’t repair our own phones; we take them to the provider. Why should we file our own permits, when there are companies whose sole purpose is to help the little guy understand the rules and comply with them, at the lowest rates possible? Since heavy hauling requires an immediate call to action most of the time, how can those companies be expected to wait for each individual permit instead of just being informed and prepared? The question would seem, then, where to turn? Often, it can feel more comforting to select a company with a bigger name to help; it’s the same principle behind trusting brand names over generic. But just like grocery shopping, brand names tend to hit you with hidden fees – resending fees, up charges, etc. Little companies are more likely to save you costs and hold your hand while you file your heavy hauling needs.

Don’t Leave It All Up to Them – Educate Yourself!

The internet is a vast, expansive resource where almost all the knowledge of humankind is documented. This, of course, means that you can do a bit of research yourself, and at least learn which changes require permits and which you can slide under the radar for. For example, the legal length for most states is 65 feet; in other words, if you can keep it at that length, you won’t need an additional permit. Know what your company has, what it needs, and how to get it before contacting a permit company so that you won’t need to pay for an all-inclusive package if it’s not necessary.

Stay Informed with Montrose Towing

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