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2 Surefire Ways To Pull A Truck From The Mud


Towing a truck from the mud requires skill.

Sometimes your truck just ends up driving in the mud, and then it just gets stuck. Sometimes navigating the rough mud terrain is inevitable and may even find you stuck in the mud with no way out. Finding a professional who can assist you with getting out of the mud is definitely the way to go. In addition to hiring a professional towing company to help you out, there are things you can do to assist the professional once they arrive that will create a seamless towing experience.

Rock It Out

As soon as your truck goes down into the dirt your instinct may be to turn in reverse and get out. However, that could just end up digging you a deeper hole that will make it more difficult for a tow truck to get you out. Therefore, the best solution is to lock in the four-wheel drive if possible and shift into low gear as fast as you can and then go forward and then reverse and so forth. This causes the truck to basically rock back and forth. In the end, you’ll want to increase the acceleration gradually to ensure a smooth way out. If nothing else, this process will provide an easy way for towing professionals to help get the truck out of the mud.

Pulling It Out

Ideally, the best way to get a truck out of the mud is to have a tow truck come out and pull it out. This is probably the easiest solution and requires the least amount of effort on the truck driver. In fact, a towing service will provide a tow strap that will latch onto the truck in order to initially get the truck unstuck from the mud. Having a towing professional assist with pulling a truck out of the mud is the safest option available when you find yourself with a truck that gets stuck in some mud.

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